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In the April of 1998, with deliberation n. 59 of the town Council, was constituted in Marsala, with seat I press the Complex Monumental San Pietro, the

"International Center Studies Daring Risorgimentali"

Scientific organism of character-cultural and with regard, for the actual until institutional, to the territorial reality Sicilian and Italian and to its connections, with a spacious international panorama. 

The center is proposed to promote: 

the assertion of the values and of the express ideals from the Italian Revival, of which the shipping of the one thousand was high deposition;

the study of the trial of formation of the unity of Italy, with special care to the historical meaning and politician of the shipping of the one thousand and to its incidence on the successive events;

The critical deepening of the figure and of the myth of Giuseppe Garibaldi and of the contribution that he, with the men that followed it, gave to the birth of the Kingdom of Italy and to the assertion of the ideal of freedom and of democracy of whom the story risorgimentale is bearer. 

For the conseguimento of the actual purposes the Center: 

  • it constituted, I press the Town Library of Marsala, a Section Daring Risorgimentale, understanding to collect, with acquisitions and donations, publications and sources written on the story risorgimentale and on the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi;
  • organizes and promotes, is in the town of Marsala that in other centers, meetings, seminars and varied activity on
    relating subjects to the story risorgimentale and to the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi;
  • promotes the collaboration with scholars for And of studies on the story risorgimentale and on the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi;
  • profitable relations of collaboration with other Authorities and national Associations and international, public and private that take care of
    themselves same arguments;
  • public periodically "L Rivista" and "I Quaderni" of Daring Studies;
  • collaborates with the Section Daring Risorgimentale "Giacomo Giustolisi" of the Municipal Museum of Marsala.